2012-2013 Season

2 Nights Only! Special Staged-Reading
OCT 31 & NOV 1

This story of a London solicitor, Arthur Kipps, who has rented a theatre and hired an actor to help re-enact and thereby exorcise himself of a ghostly event that occurred 30 years earlier, is three plays within a play. The Actor first coaches Kipps on how to act and then takes for himself the role of Kipps in the harrowing and tragic story of Kipps' life. Kipps, the non-actor actor, plays six different roles relevant to the tragic tale. The tale is that of Jennet Humfrye, the woman in black, who continues to avenge her loss with a persistent malevolence, which has spanned three-quarters of century. The reading will feature Capital Stage co-founders Jonathan Rhys Williams and Peter Mohrmann reprising their rolesĀ from the 2002 pre-Capital Stage Company, Delta King Theatre production.

Tickets are $20 per person general admission.

(Capital Stage subscribers call the box office to receive your special discounted ticket price.)

Tickets: 916-995-5464

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